Flatwork Concrete & Landscaping Services. Grand Rapids, MI
Date: March 30, 2012 By: Randy R. Rodriguez
Torres Works provides the best general contractor in the Grand Rapids, MI area. If you are currently located in the Grand Rapids Michigan area and you are looking for a general contractor then Torres Works is the place for you. They did wonderful flatwork concrete and landscaping services for my house. Contact Torres Works and get your landscaping and flatwork concrete work done now!
Pool Repair in Grand Rapids
Date: March 25, 2012 By: Max Conner
My daughter's graduation party was just a few days away when the liner in my pool ripped. I need a Grand Rapids pool repair service to fix it asap. I called Torres Works and they did a great job. They also do decorative concrete in Grand Rapids. They had good ideas to make the pool are look better. Give them a call today.
Grand Rapids Landscaping
Date: March 25, 2012 By: customer
We were renovating our home and looking to improve the landscaping. A friend suggested Torres Works for Grand Rapids landscape installation. They did a great job at a fair price! They installed bushes, fencing, and a nice fire pit. If you are looking for a Grand Rapids contractor to help with your home renovations, I would suggest giving them a call. You won't regret it!
Pool Installation in Grand Rapids
Date: March 23, 2012 By: Dab Moe
Finding quality pool installation in Grand Rapids was not an easy task. That's why I was fortunate to stumble across Pete Torres from TorresWorks! Pete and his crew did an incredible job on our pool installation and concrete hardscape project last fall. We cannot wait to enjoy his work this summer!
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